Guest Speaker/Panellist

Guwaali has consultants who can talk on several subjects as either a Guest Speakers or Panellist.

Your organisation might have a panel discussion on Reconciliation, NAIDOC, Constitutional Recognition, Stolen Generations, Aboriginal Art, The Apology, Diversity and Sorry Day to name a few.

You may be an organisation that conducts your own Cultural Awareness training and would like a special guest speaker for a particular subject.


Events or Dates

Their participation could be as either a guest speaker or panellist for the following events and/or significant dates

Cultural Training

The Apology

Reconciliation Action Plan Launch

Lunch Time Talk

National Sorry Day


Conference/Forum Management Training

Reconciliation Week


Some of the possible subject matters as either a guest speaker or panellist are as follows:

Yidaki (Didgeridoo)

Local History


Stolen Generations



Sorry Day Indigenous Business