Welcome - Building Relationships, Networking and Strategies through Respect, Diversity, Sharing and Understanding

Let's share our stories, learning from each other and about ourselves.
Guwaali aims to be one of the leading independent consultancies for social inclusion, reconciliation and diversity.
Contribute to Australia being a leader and a shining beacon of light in the world for social inclusion, respect, culture, diversity, intelligence and collaboration.
Guwaali is guided by the following principles:
Social Inclusion
  • Everyone having the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations, dreams, talent and desires
  • Enable all to be contributing members of society and their communities
  • Diversity is understood, embraced and respected
  • Society develops and implements mechanisms for inclusion
  • Individuals are treated equitability
  • Starts with oneself
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Appreciate both commonalities and individuality
  • The awareness, understanding, acceptance, appreciation and celebration of our similarities and our differences
  • Enables a myriad of ideas and perspectives to be drawn on for problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Teach others to teach themselves
  • Always look beyond the words
  • Successful outcomes flow from all parties’ equal ownership of the solutions
  • Capacity building of individuals, families and communities
  • Shared contribution, information, rewards and outcomes
The solution to “Closing the Gap” is consultation, education and collaboration.
Guwaali understands this will only be achieved by fostering, nurturing and building lasting relationships between all sections of society, community: the public sector, private sector, non government organisations, communities and individuals.
Lasting and successful relationships are founded on respect.
Guwaali is a 100% Australian Indigenous owned business.

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