At Guwaali we believe in and practice collaboration, following are the diverse group of high calibre people we partner with in creating an inclusive and productive society.


Brendan "Japangardi" Kerin

  • Brendan is a proud Aboriginal man whose cultural connections and two tribes are the Arrernte in Alice Springs Northern Territory and Barkindji which covers the area from Lake Mungo all the way along the Murray River to Wilcania
  • He is a talented artist, musician, storyteller and dancer
  • Brendan is passionate and advocates for the environment and a promoter of cross-cultural understanding
  • Not only is Brendan a talented artist but a accomplished Yidaki player performing for over twenty years both in educational settings and festivals
  • Brendan is a recognised and respected yidaki player amongst both non Aboriginal and Aboriginal communities

Pearl Beaumont

  • Pearl has life commitment to ensuring people rights are acknowledged and respected.
  • She has a repeatedly demonstrated her passion for Indigenous Australians to have equitable access to justice and legal representation.
  • Pearl has worked as a sessional lecturer at UNSW in criminal law and social justice law.
  • Currently she is Program Manager helping to run the Legal Diploma at Tranby Aboriginal College.
  • Her research interests are criminal law, social justice and Indigenous rights, international law and transitional justice

Aunty Barbara McGrady

  • Aunty Barbara McGrady is a Kamilaroi woman who was born in Mungindi, North/Western NSW on the QLD border, who moved to Sydney in the early 1970s
  • Barbara's particular interest in photography began at an early age when she was given a camera as a teenager
  • Barbara sees social documentation through the lens
  • The sociological aspect is reflected in her photographic work

Ella Chen

  • Ella is a proud Chinese and Cantonese woman from Zhàoqìng in the Guangdong Province and migrated from China 6 years ago 
  • Her degree is a Bachelor of International Business and Marketing from Hainan University, an island tropical paradise in southern China
  • Ella has over a decade in import/export, procurment, management, business and customer service
  • She has negotiate with third party businesses to supply products to fulfil both domestic and international orders
  • Ella liaised with customs officials for both the import and export of goods to and from China
  • She is trilingual and fluent speaking, reading and writing in English, Mandarin & Cantonese
  • Ella has extensive experience translating between English Mandarin & Cantonese, both in verbal and written format
Ella Chen

Geoff Sentance

  • Geoff is a proud Wiradjuri man and throughout his life he has been exposed to many issues, which impact Indigenous peoples and their communities
  • He has a strong appreciation of culture which enables him to be fully conversant with the various cultural community structures that exist throughout Aboriginal communities, on such issues as cultural values, communication channels, extended family networks, skin groups and most importantly the Elder structure
  • Geoff says he has been lucky to travel to many remote, rural and urban communities around Australia, over the last several years to discuss and connect communities, with service providers in the areas of governance, health, well-being and financial awareness

Gumaroy Newman

  • Gumaroy is a proud Aboriginal man descending from the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations
  • He is a Story Teller, Presenter, Educator, Entertainer, MC, Traditional Song Man, Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Master and a Award-Winning Poet
  • He has performed in over 40 countries and at large festivals such as Glastonbury (U.K.) and Edinburgh (Scotland)



Cat Kutay

  • Cat is a web developer who has worked with organisations around Redfern, Perth and north Western Australia since the mid 1980's.
  • She has worked in technical support in the early years of Koori Radio, developed technology for remote community, including renewable energy and is now involved in advising and developing IT resources for Aboriginal organisations.
  • She’s developed websites, mobile apps and 3D games for sharing Aboriginal knowledge and culture.
  • Cat is working with Guwaali as co-creator of ICT resources.
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